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The New Guide to Relationships and Sex


Online ResourcesHelp and Advice[Name]Contact and About UsLinks and NewsProduction ServicesReviewsA sex and relationship education/PSHE DVD for young people in secondary and further education and suitable for use with mainstream and SEND students.  Divided into 5 main subject areas, each has a menu featuring a series of video sequences that explore the issues affecting young people in an informative and sensitive way.


Each topic is explained fully and clearly in a format that young people relate to.


Includes a set of lesson plans with worksheets, these can be downloaded for free - please click here to download.


The New Guide also features enhanced easy read subtitles.  With carefully timed pauses these subtitles, unlike traditional subtitles, are larger and clearer and have a longer screen time to enhance understanding.


This title is now available as on online resource - visit our 'Online Resources' page  for more details.

The DVD menu covers the following topics;


Growing up and body changes this section shows how our bodies change as we grow up from children to adults, explaining that we change at different times and all have different bodies.


Menstruation and periods explains about sanitary towels and tampons and shows how to use them.  Also discusses Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS).


Masturbation and privacy this section discusses masturbation and the importance of privacy.  This subject can cause young people some embarrassment and carers may find it easier to show this section to single sex groups or on a one-to-one basis.


Hygiene the importance of personal hygiene and care is illustrated and explained.


First dates and petting explains how Bobby and Sonia first met with emphasis on consent and the importance of relationships.  Building trust and gradually developing intimacy are emphasised.


Self examination and privacy explains the methods and importance of self examination, emphasising privacy.


Sex and attitudes discusses attitudes towards sex, where to seek advice and the age of consent.


Consent and unwanted sexual advances explains about unwanted sexual advances and the right to say no.  Illustrated in several sections of the DVD, consent and understanding 'no' is emphasised.


Pregnancy and birth explains about how a baby is made.  Clearly but sensitively shows sexual reproduction and birth.


Sex, virginity, consent and condoms this section deals with first sexual experiences including sexual intercourse and virginity.  Using condoms for safer sex and understanding consent are explained.


'Yes' and 'No' this part of the DVD looks at consent and the importance of understanding 'yes' and 'no'.


Relationships in this scene Sonia and Bobby explain about relationships, including straight and gay relationships.


Sexual pleasure and contraception discusses why people have sex including sex for pleasure, emphasising the importance of getting to know someone before having sex.  A range of contraceptives are described including some of their benefits and disadvantages.


Gay sex a gay couple and lesbian couple are featured, their relationships and sexual practices are discussed.  Also covers the age of consent.


With easy read English subtitles in large clear text.


Includes an information and resource pack with useful viewing notes and guidance.


ISBN 978-0-9551735-5-4 - £59.99


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