You, Your Body, Growing Up, Relationships and Sex

This resource is in an easy to use format and covers an extensive range of up to date topics. New for 2023, we are pleased to announce that we have added 2 new sections to this resource - 'Seperation and Divorce' and ‘Gender and Identity’. These new resources have been carefully developed in consultation and with input from both young people and leading professionals.  Includes updated lesson plans.

Separation and Divorce

Separation and Divorce 
Keisha and Joshua explain about separation and divorce. Keisha and Joshua talk about different types of families. They explain how sometimes parents or carers might separate or divorce, often after having arguments for some time.

Social media and being safe online 
Keisha and Joshua explain about going online and using social media, including Facebook and the dangers of ‘fake mates’.  They also explain about the dangers of sexting and what to do if you receive picture, personal information and other requests.

Growing up and the changes from childhood to adulthood 
This video explains and illustrates male and female body changes as they happened to Keisha and Joshua.  That we all have different bodies, that they change at different times and to get help is emphasised.

Periods & sanitary protection 
This video begins with Keisha explaining about her first period.  Privacy and getting help for any worries or concerns is emphasised. She explains about tampons and sanitary towels and how to use and dispose of them.

Gender and Identity 
This video looks at gender and identity.  Joshua and Keisha explain that we all have our own identity, and how some people don’t feel right with their birth identity.  We are introduced to two people who have chosen to change their gender identity, being supportive is emphasised. 

Self examination and privacy 
This section has two videos, one female and one male. Joshua and Keisha explain about the importance of self-examination and illustrate how to examine yourself. Privacy and getting help for any worries or concerns is emphasised.

Keisha explains how different women go through the menopause at different ages and with different symptoms. The importance of getting the right help and advice and knowing of the different symptoms and effects of menopause is explained.

This section has two seperate videos, one about male masturbation and one about female masturbation.
Each video explains and emphasises about being private and where to go to get help if you are worried about masturbation. 

Keeping Clean and Personal Hygiene 
In this video Keisha and Joshua explain about how to keep clean. Each is shown showering, washing carefully and using soap correctly and drying properly afterwards.
Being private and getting help for any worries or concerns is emphasised.

Relationships, love and affection 
Keisha and Joshua explain about different types of relationships and introduce their friends George and Albie, who are a gay couple, and Emily and Mia who are a lesbian couple. The importance of respect and trust in relationships is highlighted.

Loneliness and Feelings 
Joshua and Keisha explain about feeling lonely and that when they felt very lonely they talked to someone. Crushes, especially during teenage years, are explained and the importance of ‘being real’ and not having sex with strangers is emphasised.

First Dates 
Joshua and Keisha explain about first dates and that at first they would kiss and cuddle.
They explain how they first got to know and trust each other before they became more intimate. Consent and privacy are highlighted throughout.

Safer Sex 
Safer sex and how to use contraception. They explain that they only have sex when they both want to. Privacy is empahsised and they are shown in their bedroom. Joshua puts on a condom and they have sex. The importance of respect and trust in relationships is explained.

Consent and saying 'No' 
Explains about unwanted sexual advances and consent. The importance of saying ‘no’ and seeking help is emphasised.  A number of consent scenes show someone (male or female) being approached and saying no.  The age of consent and the importance of saying no are emphasised throughout.

The importance of saying ‘no’ and of understanding when someone else says ‘no’ is illustrated and explained. Seeking help is emphasised.

Sex and attitudes 
This video is about different attitudes towards sex. Keisha and Joshua explain that sex can be a very important part of a relationship and that other people will be concerned that you are safe. The age of consent it explained and the possible consequences of under-age sex

The difference between when sex is good and when sex is bad is explained. Consent and understanding ‘no’ is illustrated in a public setting. They explain about getting help and talking to someone you trust.

Pregnancy and birth 
Keisha and Joshua explain about pregnancy and that it is best to wait until you are ready to have a baby. They are then shown in their bedroom having sex.  A simple animation shows a foetus developing into a baby before giving birth. Finally they are shown at home looking after their new baby.

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