The Primary Guide to Growing Up, Relationships and Sex

The Primary Guide to Growing Up, Relationships and Sex


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The Primary Guide to Growing Up, Relationships and Sex. is our resouce for mainstream and SEND students at primary level. Complete with supporting lesson plans and resource packs, this title is available as a DVD and as an online resource.

ISBN 978-0-9551735-7-8 

3 reviews for The Primary Guide to Growing Up, Relationships and Sex

  1. Disabled children and young people's feedback, The Children's Society

    'The DVD is clear and easy to use and has excellent 3D animations, making it an excellent learning tool. It can be used by pupils alone or as part of a group and is a good starting point for discussions. There is a good range of topics and forms a great introduction to the 'The New Guide to Relationships and Sex' DVD produced for older pupils'.

  2. BATOD Reviewer Corinda M Carnelley, Peripatetic Teacher of the Deaf, London Borough of Croydon

    This DVD would be helpful to use with junior aged children, or the lower end of secondary school. It uses accessible language, and provides clear subtitles. It is clear about what is and is not acceptable behaviour and re-iterates several times that this is what will happen, this is what is normal, this is private etc. and suggests talking to a teacher, parent, carer or doctor if the young person is unhappy about anything. It also offers clear guidelines about saying, “No” and that it’s OK to say “No” in many circumstances. “Your body is yours” is the over-riding message.

  3. Adrian Thompson Sandal Primary School, for School Library Service

    Great value, excellent content that has obviously been thought about. Interesting presentation, which engages children. It is the sort of resource most schools might only use once or twice a year per year group, but when they get to teaching it, they will be really glad they made the investment. It is a no nonsense, high quality, in depth and reliable guide through the minefield of growing up. Highly recommended.

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